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Sigil of Baphomet Jewelry was founded in 2013.  As Satanist and occultist entrepreneur I was fed up with never finding something to wear that honored my lifestyle and views. While fashion was mainstream, I needed something to wear day to day when I am not out to make a fashion statement. 

"The Satanist is not easily recognized" said Anton LaVey once. So it was true that not every Satanist has a "look". A Satanist or occultist does not always dress in Gothic attire. We live by philosophy and personal worldviews, not by fashion trends. 

Jewelry is personal and represents something to those who wear it. Its often a small piece of self expression that is special to the person wearing it.

Sigil of Baphomet Jewelry was created with those people who shared this experience when it came to searching for something they could wear with PRIDE. A virtue for us.

Over time, I realized that people really appreciated the high quality and craftsmanship I demanded from my jewelry productions. People were requesting jewelry that was beyond what it was originally intended for.

Since then, our jewelry and other products are moving outside the boundaries of what we started with. Our mainstay will always be jewelry and we will continue to provide the quality and craftsmanship that people have come to appreciate and support. We are now producing jewelry for fashion purposes and other related products, but we will always create aesthetical and highly desired sigils that are highly desired by occultists worldwide.




Sigil of Baphomet Jewelry continues to grow and nobody has worked harder on the forefront than my co-ownder. 

She is involved in day to day operations behind the scenes. She is joined my company early in 2019 and has contributed to some of the designs we have created since then. 

She is also involved in the day to day operations when it comes to order fulfillment, customer service, sales, and best of all, the most important to me, the love of my life.



Brand Representative - Model for Sigil of Baphomet 

Eye grabbing attention on social media and her support for this site made her a prime candidate for a featured model of the jewelry and to represent the brand on her own. 

Follow us on Social Media to catch the eye popping photography we share. Truly mesmerizing!

Amberlea is also the founder of a new cosmetic line that was founded in late 2021, "Infernal Cosmetics".




Graphic Designer - Magick Graphics

Marketing Consultant and Graphic Designer for SigilofBaphomet.com

Simply the BEST Graphic Designer we have ever come across. Nearly a decade of experience, she is THEE go to person for all of our branding and graphic design needs.








The models featured on our social media accounts are also customers. They are fans and supporters of SoB Jewelry and they are often featured on instagram and facebook. Some are professional models while others are day-to-day people. You too can tag us if you wish to be considered to be featured on our social media accounts. These featured posts are a testament to how much people appreciate our jewelry line and products.